About Me

Fred Eilers

Hi, my name is Fred Eilers. I live in Tucson, Arizona with my wife, son and granddaughter. I have three other grown children and five other grandchildren in Texas. I have lived here for almost ten years. I grew up in Irving, Texas.

I am currently an IT, Information Technology, or Computer Specialist for the government. I have worked for the government since I was eighteen in some job or another. I am a Vietnam Veteran and was an avionic technician in the Air Force.

In the mid seventies I took Solar Engineering in College for about six years. The college, North Lake College, a part of the Dallas Community College system, was unique in that they actually had a Solar Career Program. This time was during the “Oil Crisis” of the middle seventies and early eighties. After the “Oil Crisis” ended the school ended the program.

Living in southern Arizona, where the sun shines at least three hundred days of the year only magnifies the ridiculous energy policies that our country has. I hope to help change the way people think about how they use energy and show them the alternatives.

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