Horizontal Windmills

Horizontal windmills are probably the most familiar windmills known to most people. Anyone who has driven across the country and passed farms and ranches has seen some of them. Most of them are from another era and are rusting away but some continue to carry on with their duties of pumping water for the thirsty cattle that keep them company.

These windmills or wind turbines have blades that face into the wind to gain energy from the wind. The wind passing by the blades causes them to rotate and then create energy. This energy can then be put to use grinding grain, pumping water or turning a generator to produce electricity.


These windmills must face into the wind in order to achieve maximum efficiency. To do this most windmills have a tail or “fantail” which is like a sail that keeps the windmill turned into the wind. When the wind blows by the tail it causes the tail to “fly” through the air much like an airplane keeping the blades facing the oncoming wind.

There are now wind turbine farms, large groups of wind turbines, located all over the world producing clean power for homes, factories and businesses. There are many more under construction and plans are being made for even more to be built. Together with other green sources of power wind power will help reduce the use of dirty fossil fuels that are rapidly polluting our planet.

Windmills or wind turbines can be used to provide some of the electrical energy that is needed to run your home. This energy can be used to either directly power some of the electrical devices or be fed back into the power grid to lower your electrical bill.

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