Hot Water Heating Systems

Your Hot water heating systems can account for as much as 17% of your utility bill. I know you like a nice hot bath or shower but you can still enjoy them and save lots of money. Here are some ways to save hot water quickly:

  • Use less hot water - Take quick showers instead of baths and wash your clothes in warm or cold water instead of hot.
  • Turn down your water heater thermostat - This will get the you the most return for your effort.
  • Insulate your water heater - Again another relatively quick fix to save money! Insulate your electric or gas hot water tank. If your hot water tank is electric be careful to not cover up the thermostat, and if your hot water tank is gas be careful to not cover up the heater's top, bottom, thermostat or burner compartment.
  • Buy a new, more efficient water heater - Here you should only buy another water heater if yours is getting on in age as the money you spend to buy a new one and have it installed could probably pay your utility bill for several months!

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