Solar Air Conditioning

Solar air conditioning is the Holy Grail of solar energy systems.  You get Free air conditioning where you need it most.  No longer do you have to flinch every time you hear your air conditioner kick on thinking what the "next"bill will be.  You just smile to yourself and try not to think of the "old days" !

You no longer break out into a sweat when your electric bill comes, dreading it like the plague, instead you rapidly tear it open to see how much you saved "this month"!

As soon as solar cooling systems are available to the masses there will be a fundamental change in the solar industry. Not only will people all around the world have cheap air conditioning but also cheap refrigeration since the technology will work the same.

Solar cooling will allow for cheap food preservation, safe medicine storage, and great personal comfort! With Free solar cooling you will no longer be at the mercy of the power companies or the lack of power!

Everybody wants it, everybody needs it and everyone is trying to get it! It’s not available to everyone yet! But we’re getting real close!

There are several ways to achieve solar cooling:

Solar air conditioning using desiccants

Okay, what are desiccants? Desiccants are materials that absorb water. Solar desiccant systems use desiccants to dry out the air and then use thermal (heat) energy from a solar collector to regenerate (dry out) the desiccants.

The dried air can then be circulated by fans to lessen the need for air conditioning. I can vouch for this because here in southern Arizona it is very dry most of the year.

In the early part of summer when it is very hot and dry, we keep the house shut up during the day, with the air conditioner off and the blinds and curtains drawn, and it stays fairly comfortable inside. But in the later part of the summer when the rains come, it is too uncomfortable with the higher humidity.

Passive Solar Cooling

Passive Solar Cooling is the principle of designing or modifying a building that slows the rate of heat transfer into a building and removes unwanted heat from a building. In other words the idea is to reduce the amount of cooling that is needed in the first place.

Solar thermal cooling

 Active solar air cooling uses collectors to provide thermal (heat) energy to power heat-powered chillers (usually absorption or absorption chillers ). Another way of using solar thermal energy is with ejection coolers.

Photovoltaic solar cooling

Photovoltaics (solar cells) can provide the power to drive an air conditioner or chiller but until recently these types of systems required large arrays of solar panels to supply the large amount of energy required to run these systems.  But there has been great progress in developing an air conditioner that is efficient and cost effective.  There is even one such air conditioner available now!

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