Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool covers can turn your chilly pool warm again and keep it clean at the same time. Swimming pools lose a great amount of energy by evaporation. In windy areas with low humidity the heat losses are even greater. You can enclose your pool with trees, shrubs or even a fence to reduce the evaporation from the wind, but you will still have heat losses.

Swimming pool solar covers can help slow down the evaporation and loss of heat for both indoor and outdoor pools. But the benefit of swimming pool solar covers doesn't stop there. A good solar cover can also warm up your pool by as much as 10 degrees. One of the cheapest covers made just for swimming pools is the bubble cover, also called a solar cover. Solar bubble covers look like bubble wrap but is made of thicker plastic and ultraviolet inhibitors. The solar cover greatly reduces evaporation and the "bubbles" act as an insulator, trapping solar heat and warming the pool water.

Solar covers float freely on top of your pool so removing a cover is easy, just roll it up in the pool and lift it out. If you have a large pool there are solar cover rollers that roll the cover up and store it at the same time. In fact they even have electric solar covers that roll back at the touch of a button.

It is important to buy a quality swimming pool solar cover that will stand-up to the rays of the sun and won't crack and discolor. You want a cover that will last several years before you need to replace it.

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