Ways To Save Energy Today

These are ways to save energy starting today, you will get results almost immediately. Well at least you will see the results on your next utility bill. These energy efficient tips will get you started on your long journey to save the most energy you possibly can!

ways to save energy thermostat

1. Okay you have to do this one first. It will only take a few minutes and the savings will start immediately. Go to your thermostat now. If it’s winter adjust it to come on at 69 degrees and if it is summer adjust it to come on at 80 degrees. If it’s winter and you are still chilly, put on a sweater! If it’s summer and you are still hot turn on a fan, fans use much less energy. Okay now pat yourself on the back, you have now completed one of the ways to save energy today! Wow that one was easy!!

thermostat hot water

2. Now here is another easy one! You’re going to wear out your hand patting yourself on the back if this keeps up. Now go find your hot water heater. Once you’re there find the thermostat. It should look like the picture above or close to it. Make sure the knob is set at the large red mark between Hot and Warm settings. This should give you the greatest energy savings and still have plenty of hot water for a nice hot shower or bath and if you have children this could keep them from scalding themselves!

Ways to save money

3. Next to the laundry room! Find the washer! Okay now set the water temperature to warm wash and cold rinse. Or if you want to save even more money set the washer to cold wash and cold rinse. Most detergents these days can easily clean your clothes with cold water. Careful this could get habit forming!

Ways to save money!

4. You're on a roll now! The energy savings are mounting! Now head for the kitchen! Go straight to the dishwasher. See the dishwasher "Heated Dry" switch. Set it for "Off". Now after your dishwasher completes the wash and rinse cycle, just open the door a few inches and let the dishes air dry. Oh and while your at it only wash dishes when you have a full load, you'll save not only energy but soap!

You have successfully begun your journey to make your home energy efficient and even more important to cut those energy bills. I am certain you will see a pleasurable change in your coming utility bills. But don't stop here, take the next steps towards energy efficiency!

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