Weather Stripping

Weather stripping your home can save you lots of money on heating and air conditioning bills. You get a lot of bang for your buck by sealing your windows and doors from air infiltration and leakage. Just like caulk and sealers, it helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Weather stripping should be done before even considering adding solar or wind energy to your home!

Sealing doors and windows are different because they move and the seals must be able to be effective while still allowing freedom of movement. Choose a type of seal that will withstand the friction, weather, temperature changes, and wear and tear associated with its location.

Types of weather-stripping

The type of weather sealing that you use will depend of what you are sealing. There are all kinds of sealers and you can easily be overwhelmed when you go to the hardware store to purchase some. It is best to tell the experts at your home supply store what you want to seal and let them direct you to a product for that purpose.

Or, get a home do-it-yourself manual which will show you exactly how to do your own weather sealing. You will be able to expertly seal your home from the elements!

door weather-stripping


Weather sealing supplies and techniques range from simple to very technical. Follow the instructions on the supplies packaging. Here are some basic guidelines:

  • The surfaces that you apply sealing to should be clean, dry and above 20 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Measure twice before you cut anything

  • Apply sealing snugly against both surfaces. The material should compress when the window or door is shut.

garage door weather-stripping

Weather sealing doors:

  • Choose the right kind of door sweeps and thresholds for the bottom of the doors.

  • Seal the entire door jamb.

  • Apply one continuous strip along each side.

  • Make sure the seal meets tightly at the corners.

  • Use a thickness that causes the seal to tightly press between the door and the door jamb when the door closes, without making it difficult to close.

For air sealing windows, apply sealing between the sash and the frame. The sealing shouldn’t interfere with the operation of the window.

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