Affordable Solar Air Conditioning

During off peak hours this design captures 60-80% solar power!  There is no other air conditioner more efficient than that available anywhere!  And if the Sun is not available, it can run on batteries or AC.  It has its own AC to DC converter built right in.  In fact it can run on batteries, AC or solar at the same time. 

Finally affordable solar air conditioning is here!  This unique futuristic design ensures that as long as the sun is shining, the air conditioner continues to run on solar power, delivering users 100% FREE air conditioning during peak sun hours. 

This air conditioner is truly plug-n-play.  You simply plug in the solar panels, and flip the switch and viola you have FREE cool refreshing air blowing into your home! You won't need a big expensive array of solar panels as this solar air conditioner only needs 850 watts of power!

You can see an early prototype running here:

This is not just a solar powered "cooling box". This is an affordable solar air conditioner with a completely sustainable energy powered solution.  Many of the components used in this air conditioner have been in use since 2009 in heavy-duty long-haul vehicles.  Truckers and RV users in some of the most rugged terrain have tested these components and given this air conditioner a resounding 2-thumbs up!

With this durable, practical and efficient design, you get a solar air conditioner that is easy to install, convenient to operate, require next to no maintenance, and provides a cost effective alternate to other grid-tied solutions.

This solar air conditioner will not only dramatically reduce your Co2 footprint, but will also dramatically reduce your electricity bills!!

This is a very efficient 48 volt DC air conditioning unit that puts out 16,000 BTUs at 850 watts, giving it an Energy Efficient Ratio (EER) of 18.8. It has a 45 amp solar charge controller and a 20amp/hour battery built in as a buffer for when clouds block the sun.

All you have to do is install it in your window like a regular air conditioner, plug in a thousand watts of solar panels and it will run all day.  If you add more batteries or connect it to the grid and it will run all night.

Solar Powered Window Air Conditioner

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