Edge-emitting fiber with solar panel energy

by Walter Zenczak
(Beaver Dam, WI)


I'm a retired fellow that works with wood pretty much. But solar energy intrigues me for possible use in some of my outdoor projects.

Currently I'm building a lighthouse that would be about 5' tall and want to use solar lights for the light house which I can do with just ordinary solar garden decorator lights found in many stores. I just gut the components and build the top platform main house with these lights.

My questions is if I can purchase edge-emitting fibers (possibly in 50' lengths per project,also estimated cost) somewhere. And am I able to use the same components from standard garden solar lights. Meaning do the fibers require a special led to fit inside the inner diameter of the fiber for them to work.

Maybe a few comments would be appreciated.

They will be used as fencing around the lighthouse, running thru fence posts positioned around the octagon shaped lighthouse at the top and bottom platforms.

Another thought was to also attached fiber cables to the verticle strips on the eight edges of the octagon.

Thus I would have solar lights in the lighthouse, the railings and the edges. The solar panels would be positioned on the top platform floor in a cicular form around the main light.

My email is wzenczak@centurylink.net if this is worthy of your time. This is my first time at this web site and I can see that this is not listed but any help would be apprecated.

Regards, Wally

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