Electric Car Conversion

So an electric car conversion sounds enticing? Well it can be done and you can do it. You can have your own electric car great for driving to work, shopping and just tooling around. But beware, you might miss all your favorite gas stations, the smell of raw gasoline and watching the little window on the gas pump as the dollars roll by!

You'll just have to be satisfied with plugging in your EV for the night. You won't be able to use your credit or debit card but that's the price you pay for going green! Sometimes sacrifices need to be made!

You don't have to be an engineer, or a mechanic, or Mr Handyman to build your own electric vehicle. The knowledge that you need is readily available and any tools can be easily and cheaply purchased or even rented or borrowed. It's always great to have a garage or carport to work in but if you don't have either you can always work when the weather is good. And with the help of the internet you can find everything and anything you need online!

            Taking out the Gas Engine Photo by Dan at Rosathorns

You're probably asking just how much will it cost to build an EV. Well that depends on what you want. If you want an exotic sports car your going to shell out a lot more than if you just want transportation. Of course if your going to do the job you might as well build one your going to enjoy driving and like looking at. So the cost could be as low as $700 and up depending on how good you are at scrounging parts and batteries.

                 In with the Electric Motor Photo by Dan at EEVC

For an electric car conversion you are going to need a vehicle to convert. A vehicle in pretty good mechanical condition is of course your best bet preferably one without an engine or a busted engine since the vehicle would be pretty cheap. But even a vehicle with a good engine will work and the engine can always be sold to regain some of your cash. In fact you could sell all the parts that will not be needed. I have found quite a few cars and trucks on craigslist.org that would have probably made great electric car conversions.

You really don't want to get a very old car unless you know where you can get parts for it. Hard to get parts can get expensive fast so it's always a good idea to research how common parts are for the particular model you are considering.

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