Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy efficient appliances us less energy to produce the same or better output than appliances that are not as energy efficient. And that means lower power bills and less money you have to pay monthly to the power company and more money that stays in your pocket. If you use solar energy to power your home you will need fewer solar panels since you use less energy.

Buying appliances that are energy efficient can save you money day after day, year after year. They will also save you heartburn and lots of anxiety when you get your power bills at the end of the month. You should think of two price tags when shopping for appliances. The first one is the price you purchased it for. The second price tag is the cost of operating the appliance for every month during its lifetime.

You will pay the second price every month when you pay your utility bill for anywhere from 10 to 20 years. Remember refrigerators can last an average of 14 years; clothes washers about 11 years; dishwashers about 10 years; and air conditioners around 10 years. That's a long time to pay high utility bills for energy hungry appliances!

The best way to shop for an efficient appliance is to look for the ENERGY STAR label. ENERGY STAR products usually exceed federal standards. The federal government requires most appliances to display the bright yellow and black EnergyGuide label.

The EnergyGuide label tells you the annual energy consumption and the estimated operating cost for each appliance. Although the EnergyGuide label will not tell you directly which appliance is the most energy efficient but by studying the label it's not real difficult to figure out.

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