Facts You Need To Know Before  You Buy A Home Solar Energy System

When you're ready to install a home solar energy system you'll need to know and use some very important steps and tips before you sign on any dotted lines. The following questions should be asked to any prospective solar installer and they should have the answers:

Questions To Ask Prospective Solar Installers

  • Are there any rebates offered by the power company, State or Federal Government for the installation of solar panels?
  • Does my roof get enough sunlight for a home solar energy system to function properly? If your roof is shaded by trees or an adjoining building the solar panels will not work to full potential.
  • How long is the home solar energy system expected to last and how long is the warranty? Solar Photovoltaic systems and hot water systems should last at least 25 years, but will probably last much longer!
  • Who provides the warranty and whom do you call if the system doesn't function properly?
  • What type of maintenance do photovoltaic systems require? Can the maintenance be done by the homeowner? Usually PV systems only need to be washed off with a spray hose to keep them clean.
  • Ask the installer if there is any other maintenance or precautions for the PV system.
  • If you are planning on putting in a solar hot water system, you would want to ask what types of maintenance is required. There are different kinds of hot water systems and different maintenance requirements.

Tips To Purchasing Solar

  • Get hold of several of your utility bills, at least one for the dead of winter and one for the hottest month of the year. The solar installation company can review them to determine what size solar system you will need and how much money you can save on your utility bills.
  • Contact at least three solar companies you want to use. If someone in your neighborhood has installed a solar system you might want to ask them who installed their system and how they like it. Find a local company that has been in business for a while!
  • The Solar installation companies will come out to your house to inspect your home and maybe take some measurements of your roof.
  • Make sure each solar installer company gives you a written estimate of the Total cost. It is best to get at least three estimates and more would be even better. Also make sure the installer makes you aware of incentives. Incentives are payments from your power company to encourage the use of solar energy. Incentives are considered taxable income so make sure the installer factors that into account when giving you a cost breakdown.
  • Once you get all your estimates, you will have to make a decision on what company you want. Don't base your decision solely on the cheapest estimate. Check the Better Business Bureau for complaints about any of the companies and do what ever research you can about the prospective installers.
  • Now select the company you want, pick the system or systems you want and sign the contract.
  • Now comes the install, it should take about 1 to 5 days.
  • After the install comes the city, county or utility inspections or all of them!
  • Okay now you start enjoying saving money and knowing you are no longer polluting the earth, you are now helping make it a cleaner place for your children!

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