Lighting Energy

You can reduce the lighting energy use by up to 75% in your home by using new lighting technologies. By using Compact Fluorescent Bulbs you use 75% less energy than a standard incandescent light bulb, you produce 75% less heat and the bulbs last 10 times longer.

Another way to save energy for lighting of course is to turn off the lights when you are not using them. This is easier said than done especially when your house is occupied by a family. You could use motion sensor switches which turn your lights on and off as you enter and leave rooms. But make sure the motion sensor switches are made to work with florescent and CFL lights.

Of course the easiest and cheapest way to save on your lighting is to open up your windows and let the sunlight in. This works great in the winter but in the summer opening up your shades to let the sunlight in is also letting the heat in. It is usually best to open the shades on the north side of your home where you will not get direct sunlight.

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