Parabolic Solar Cooker

A parabolic solar cooker works by concentrating the sun's rays into a small area. If you've ever used a magnifying glass to burn paper and well.....other things with sunlight then you know how a concentrating solar cooker works. A concentrating solar cooker can get extremely hot, easily surpassing hundreds of degrees! Food cooks fast and water boils easily.

Concentrating solar cookers are especially great for cooking food without the need to collect wood or spend money for gas or charcoal. And there are no toxic fumes or clouds of smoke to choke on while you cook. A concentrating solar cooker can even fry food, so you can eat just about any delicacy you desire.

Solar parabolic cookers must be kept fairly aligned with the sun to cook efficiently because they focus the suns rays onto the cooking surface. For that reason they must either be manually "focused" or automatically "track" the sun. Since food tends to cook quite quickly on a parabolic solar cooker, manual tracking usually suffices.

Solar parabolic cookers can even be integrated into a kitchen. By focusing sunlight inside a kitchen into a "solar stove" food can be cooked inside in the comfort of your kitchen without standing in the sun, wind or cold. The "solar stove" can be built to allow for stove top cooking as well as a "solar oven"! Of course solar cooking can only be accomplished when the sun is shining so no cooking at night! But then again you could always use your storage batteries to power your microwave!

A solar parabolic cooker can last for decades since they have few moving parts and no electronics to wear out!

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