RV Solar Panel Mounts

RV solar power mounts have got to be installed securely to prevent those valuable solar panels from flying the coup as you blast the interstate. You don't want them flying off and damaging someone or something else and you sure don't want to have to replace them! There are many ways to mount solar panels on an RV. You can attach them directly to the roof of your RV or attach them to mounts that swivel. You could even glue them on although I personally advise against it. The best reason for gluing the panels on is that you don't have to drill holes in the roof of your RV which could possibly leak later. But at the speeds you can drive on the interstate there is an awful lot of air pressure pressing against the panels that could possibly tear them loose! So I not even going to address the use of adhesives. I would recommend using mounting brackets to mount the panels so they can be tilted to face the sun in the winter when the sun is low on the horizon. Another reason for mounting the solar panels on racks is it makes removing them much easier for repair or access to the roof.