Solar Christmas Lights

What could make the Christmas season brighter than Solar Christmas Lights! Solar powered Christmas lights are a green, attractive and economical way to show your Christmas spirit while conserving energy and your money. You will not feel guilty burning extra electricity just to decorate your home because the energy you will be using will be provided FREE from the Sun.

Solar Christmas tree lights look like tiny bright stars nestled among the tree limbs. They are extremely bright and the colors are very intense. They make the perfect Christmas tree lights. The LED solar powered Christmas lights last a long time so make sure you get the colors you like or you won't have a good excuse to get new ones!

                                Photo by WLashbrook

One of the hardest things about putting up outdoor Christmas lighting is trying to get all the lights plugged into the available outlets. This involves numerous extension cords of various lengths that have to be plugged into very few outlets. And then comes the game of hiding all the wires so the yard and house doesn't look a mess. But Christmas solar lights change all that because the wiring problems all but disappear!

                                Photo by Gay Jacobs

Since solar powered Christmas lights have their own power supply, extra extension cords are not needed. Christmas solar lights have solar cells and batteries so they are self contained. You can put them practically anywhere as long as they get some sunlight. And they do not have to have direct sunlight, they will even charge up when it is cloudy.

                               Photo by Tanya Knight

When you decorate your yard and home with solar powered Christmas lights your job is pretty much over for the remainder of the holidays because solar Christmas lights turn themselves on and off. When the sun rises the lights go off and begin to charge themselves and when the sun sets the lights come back on again. No longer will you "forget" to turn off the lights for the night.

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