Solar Fiber Optic Lighting

Solar fiber optic lighting is great for lighting your home with sunlight while keeping the heat out. Since the light source is remote, in this case the the sun, the fiber transmits light but not the heat.

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Since no wiring is needed, there is no need to install bulky light fixtures for bulbs. The fiber is simply installed from the “fiber optic illuminator”, a device that focuses the sunlight into the fiber, to the location where you want the light where a simple fixture could be installed.

             Solar Fiber Optic Illuminator/ Picture by

Fiber optic solar lighting uses a plastic or glass fiber to transmit light from a light source through the fiber to another location. The fiber acts like a “light pipe” to transmit light. Fiber optic lines are strands of optically pure glass as thin as a human hair that carry light over long distances. Fiber optics produce no heat and are very durable and can light a specified area precisely.

There are two types of light emitting fiber

End-emitting Fiber - This fiber has a transparent core with a thin transparent cladding or exterior that traps all the light in the core so that all the light directed into the fiber make it out the other end. This insures that maximum light is transmitted through the fiber to the light fixture on the other end.

                                             End-emitting fiber

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Edge-emitting Fiber - This fiber is very similar to the end-emitting fiber except that cladding or exterior does not trap all the light and allows some of the light to escape the fiber. This causes the fiber to glow and looks very much like a neon light tube.

                                           Edge-emitting fiber

The light that exits the fiber optic in the home or building can be focused or directed in all types of decorative fixtures, while some fixtures look just like regular light fixtures.

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