Solar Generator

A solar generator can be the perfect answer when a natural or man made disaster strikes! No flammable fuel is needed which probably would not be available anyway! No trying to start a generator that has been sitting idle for months or even years. No noise or deadly fumes! No maintenance or filters to replace or oil to keep filled. Just unpack, flip a switch and start generating power!

After a disaster happens it can take hours if not days for power to be restored to your home. In the interval food can spoil, communication can be disrupted and darkness can make basic living even harder. Medical devices may need to be up and running immediately. With a solar powered generator you can keep a refrigerator running, cell phones charged, and lights on. You can even operate a gas furnace fan, power tools, fans, televisions and even coffee makers!

You don't have to wait for the government or utility workers to restore power so you can get back to living. You can be up and running within minutes. When disaster strikes you just start plugging in what you need! You will even sleep better knowing you have the "back up" power you need when you need it!

Portable solar power generators can fit in a case the size of a suitcase or as big as a trailer. It all depends on how much backup you need or can afford. Most homes will only need a temporary backup solar powered generator since most power outages are usually short lived, however if you live in a storm plagued area you will need a larger backup generator.

A portable solar generator doesn't have to be used only in an emergency, you can take it on camping or fishing outings. No need to run a noisy generator which drowns out the noise of nature and bothers your camping neighbors! It'll bring a new meaning to "roughing it".

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