Solar Panels For Homes

Solar panels

for homes are the primary tools for heating water and producing electricity for your home. Solar energy panels or "collectors" are relatively inexpensive and they last at least twenty years or more. Solar collectors do just that, they "collect" the solar thermal energy from the sun. There are several types of panels for homes:

Flat Plate Collectors

The most common type of solar collector used for heating water or air.

Batch Collectors:

Also know as Integral collector-storage systems or ICs systems. This type of collector is probably the most basic type of solar thermal energy collector there is.

Evacuated Tube Collectors:

This type of solar energy panel is great where it is cloudy or high temperatures are needed.

Solar Pool Collectors: unglazed collectors usually made of heat and ultraviolet resistant plastic tubing for heating pools.

Concentrating Solar Collectors: These collectors use mirrors or shiny metal to concentrate the suns rays on a small area where it is absorbed in the form of heat or converted to electricity

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