Solar Yard Lights

Solar yard lights can not only show off your yard, highlighting your trees, statues, water fountains and your other garden features, but can also add to the security of your yard and home. Thieves don't like light and a lit up yard will definitely deter them.

Solar powered yard lights don't require wiring so you can put them just about anywhere in your yard without having to run wire to an outlet or circuit breaker box. This means you can have your solar yard lights up and running in no time instead of days digging trenches to run wiring and getting permits from the city and, if you're not handy, pay for an electrician to hook them up for you.

Solar Garden Lighting

Solar Yard Lights

And even better there will be no additional charges on your power bill, so you can run your landscape lighting all night every night. And if you ever lose power to your home the solar powered yard and garden lights will keep on shining and providing your home with the security you need!

Solar Landscaping

Solar Turtle Photo by Carolyn

Solar energy yard lights are actually fairly simple in design. They are made up of solar cells, batteries, a light bulb and a sunlight detector. During the day the solar cells charge the batteries. At night when the sunlight detector no longer detects sunlight, the detector turns on light bulb that is powered by the batteries. When the sun rises the sunlight detector turns off the solar powered yard lights and again begins charging the batteries for another day.

Photo by Scott Garsed-Donnelly

Solar powered garden lights are pretty much maintenance free, you just install them and forget about it. The new LED lights will practically shine forever and only the batteries will need to be replaced occasionally. And if you ever need to move them it is usually not an all day affair!

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