Solar Hot Water

Making solar hot water is actually very easy In fact it is done all the time, usually in your own yard. You know, when you turn on your faucet during the summer to wash the dirt off your hands, and you almost scold your hands from the hot water coming out of the hose! !

         That is solar hot water heating in action!

The sun has been heating up your hose that is laying out in your yard or coiled up next to your home and as the water flows through the hose it is heated up from the hot hose.

In fact about a quarter of your power bill is from heating water!

Okay maybe solar water heating is not as exotic as solar photovoltaic panels which produce electricity but it sure is a lot cheaper and easier! And heating water for your home consumes a whole lot of energy that your power company charges you greatly for. In fact about a quarter of your power bill is from heating water! Wouldn’t you like to get FREE hot water? I know I would!

Wouldn’t it be great to soak in a steaming hot bath or take a long hot shower without feeling guilty about all the hot water you are using and paying for? The next time you are relaxing in your hot tub with the bubble bath and rubber ducky, you can smile while thinking about all the money you are saving! And another thing to make you smile is that solar water heating systems last for decades so you won’t be replacing your system anytime soon!

   You can smile thinking of all the money you are saving!!

There are two types of solar water heating systems, from the very simple to the more complex. Let’s start with the very simple first and then move on up the scale.

Passive Hot Water Systems - This type of solar powered hot water heater does not use any pumps to move the water, it uses gravity or thermosiphoning. Thermosiphon hot water systems or batch systems rely on the natural convection of warm water rising to circulate water through the collectors and to a hot water tank.

Active Solar Hot Water Systems - This type of hot water system uses pumps to move water through solar collectors and then to a hot water tank. Of course pumps need electricity to run but you can always use photovoltaic solar cells to power the pumps. So again no charge for the hot water!

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How to eliminate 1/3 of your power bill by making your own solar hot water system!

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