Solar Lighting

Solar lighting or “Daylighting” has been associated with improved mood, enhanced morale, lower fatigue, and reduced eyestrain. The human eye functions at its best when it receives the full-spectrum of light provided by daylight. Studies have shown that the proper use of daylighting decreases headaches and eystrain. Even school children benefit from daylighting improved attendance and academic performance!
“Daylighting” has been associated with improved mood, enhanced morale, lower fatigue, and reduced eyestrain.

Most everyone has seen solar lighting used for solar powered landscape lighting, but it can also be used for solar outdoor security lighting as well as solar indoor lighting and even solar powered Christmas lights. The wide array of sunlight powered lighting fixtures continues to grow daily and no doubt will continue to expand to fill the needs of homeowners and businesses.

One very important advantage to using solar outdoor lighting is the fact that no additional wiring is needed, therefore no electrician is needed to hook anything up, no wiring to run, no additional circuit breakers to install and no additional power bill charges.

An additional advantage of solar outdoor security lighting is that if you lose power to your home you will still have the security of solar powered outdoor lighting since the solar lighting fixtures run on batteries that are charged by solar energy.

Solar powered indoor lighting is another way to use free solar energy while keeping your power bills lower. You can light your rooms with skylights. Day lighting provides sunlight benefits that are not only good for people but are also good for houseplants. Besides providing much needed natural vitamin D nutrients from sunlight, they also make your house brighter and less cave like.

Another way of providing solar indoor lighting is with solar tube lighting. This type of lighting system uses a reflective tube to capture and reflect sunlight from your rooftop down into the interior spaces of your home. Solar tube lighting is pretty easy to install and be great for lighting areas where a skylight would be too big.

Solar fiber optic lighting is another great way to provide solar powered indoor lighting. This type of lighting system uses fiber optics to transmit sunlight from the outside of your home to the interior spaces where you need it most.

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